Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have Angie do a full Comparative Market Analysis for my home?

Nothing! I offer them free to those who are considering making a move. However, don't be misled-- when I do a CMA I I really take my time with my research. And I'm happy to do it for you without charge.

My agent friend (or Zillow) did a CMA for me and says my home is worth _____. Why is your value different?

How much time did your friend spend in the tax records and MLS histories, narrowing down the most viable comps for your property? Did they search deep *and* wide for the best comps? Did they compare the condition and finishes of the other homes with yours, looking at all the old listing photos of recently sold homes? Does your friend realize the value variances from street to street, or subdivision to subdivision? And did they present their research to you in a way that is easy to understand? Did they either sit with you in person to show you the comps and statistics or produce a video "CMA Story" for you? Pretty sure they didn't. But I do! And I hope you'll see the value in my analysis. Pricing accuratetly is the most important factor when listing a property. Let's not mess it up.

What does Angie charge to sell a home?

I charge the going rate of 6%... but I offer WAY more than other agents and know we can get a great price for your home because of what I have to offer. This is going to be easy... and fun. Oh, and did you know that I split the commission in HALF with the agent who brings the buyer (a valuable part of this transaction)? And then I split a significant portion of the remaining 3% with my broker (who hold the liability for this transaction)? And from what remains, I pay for: professional photography, a staging consultation, marketing, and lots of other things, including about 25% in income tax. The bottom line is: as a list agent I end up with between 1-1.3% of the final sales price in commission for helping you get the best price for your most valuable asset on the open market. This work provides for my kids and I and I'm so grateful to get paid to serve good people are in the midst of making big moves. I love what I do and I'm grateful I can work in a field I am passionate about.

What do I do next?

Text or call me: 757-741-8881 Angie Archibald I look forward to talking to you!

Does Angie act as a Buyer's Agent or a List Agent?

I do both and enjoy them equally!

How much does it cost to hire a buyer's agent?

Actually, it doesn't cost anything to work with a buyer's agent! They get paid by the LIST agent for the home you eventually buy. The list agent splits the commisison that the sellers pay with the buyer's agent.